Social Worker - Nexus Neurorecovery Center - Conroe, TX


The Social Worker is responsible for maintaining a safe home-like environment and optimum quality of care for the residents by providing assignments, supervision and assistance all activities of the program.

Job Specific Responsibilities:

  • Takes active role in ensuring quality programming is followed as outlined in terms of content and schedule.
  • Adequately addresses and/or resolves residents’ grievances.
  • Provides direction to staff regarding management of difficult clients/cases.
  • Contacts stakeholders re: residents program participation and progress.
  • Notifies immediately all stakeholders regarding significant incidents involving residents.
  • Manages program/department budget.
  • Works with administrator to develop department budget.
  • Ensures maintenance of and ensuring staff is knowledgeable of licensing standards and regulations.
  • Ensures that program meets licensing standards at all times.
  • Ensures appropriate documentation and other follow-up is provided as required by regulatory agencies.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of individual residents’ histories, current progress and personal issues or difficulties and ensures staff is knowledgeable of them.
  • Ensures development of individual behavioral protocols, as needed, in a timely fashion and ensures staff implementation.
  • Demonstrates both problem solving and problem prevention skills.
  • Ensures completion of comprehensive master treatment plans in a timely fashion by team.
  • Ensures residents receive all medical and/or therapeutic consultations ordered by the attending physicians as soon as possible.
  • Exhibits knowledge of and ensures daily documentation of residents’ progress is completed accordingly to facility policies and procedures.
  • Attends treatment team meetings and provides verbal and written information regarding residents’ status to the treatment.
  • Ensures all resident medical concerns are reported immediately to the medical staff.
  • Meets all deadlines to ensure compliance with administrative requests not addressed elsewhere.
  • Ensures collection of program evaluation data on time in accordance with administrative guidelines and forward to Outcomes Manager in a timely manner.
  • Ensures nutritionally appropriate menu planning for residents including special diets, dietary consults, food order, food preparation, food storage, etc. and that staff in trained and knowledgeable in same.
  • Follows up with nursing staff to ensure residents’ basic medical/nursing care (i.e., vital signs, weights) is provided.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
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Job Requirements


  • Minimum two years’ experience in assisted living setting or rehabilitation setting.
  • Minimum two years management and/or supervisory experience.


  • Must be certified in CPR and preventive management of aggressive behavior.
  • Must have a valid Texas Driver’s License and good driving record.
  • Must pass a criminal background test at time of hire and annually thereafter.

Education Required

  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in a Human Services / healthcare field. Master’s Degree preferred.