Maintenance Staff - Nexus Children's Hospital - Houston, TX


The Maintenance Staff assists the Supervisor Maintenance to ensure maintenance of facility/hospital physical plant operations and equipment and assumes responsibility for laundry cleaning, sanitation and proper PAR levels.

Job Specific Responsibilities:

  • Maintains facility in good repair to ensure a safe environment.
  • Ensures a clean and safe environment in all exterior areas of the facility
  • Reports all unsafe/hazardous conditions, defective equipment, etc. to the safety supervisor immediately.
  • Demonstrates problem-solving and problem prevention skills in the areas of maintenance and safety.
  • Assumes responsibility for assuring clean linen is handled, transported and stored using proper infection control techniques to prevent contamination.
  • Demonstrates the correct use of chemicals for disinfecting the linen using the proper washing cycle number for each item.
  • Demonstrates ability to sort the soiled linen using appropriate infection control personal protective equipment.
  • Ensures transport of soiled linen using the proper techniques to prevent contamination.
  • Demonstrates ability to properly clean washing machines and dryer filters each day.
  • Ensures the cleaning and maintenance of a specific area of the hospital as assigned by the Housekeeping Manager.
  • Ensures learning the cleaning and maintenance of the other areas of the hospital.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of cleaning chemicals and the proper use for each chemical.
  • Ensures that chemicals are properly labeled.
  • Ensures that cleaning cart is properly cleaned.
  • Ensures that chemical are properly locked up and secured.
  • Demonstrates flexibility in scheduling in order to meet the staffing needs of the department.
  • Ensures the proper use of all designated housekeeping equipment, i.e., vacuum cleaners, buffer, carpet machine.
  • Assists the housekeepers with vacuuming as needed.
  • Assists housekeepers with terminal cleaning as needed.
  • Assists housekeepers with the buffing and waxing of the floors as needed.
  • Checks email/webmail during scheduled shift.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.



  • Minimum of High School diploma or equivalent


  • Minimum three (3) years related building maintenance experience with emphasis on maintenance, repair and semi-skilled craftsman of carious building trades, including plumbing, electrical and painting.
  • Must be knowledgeable of building codes, licensing standards and ADA guidelines.


  • Driver License
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