Job Coach - Nexus Neurorecovery Center - Conroe, TX


The Job Coach is responsible for providing job coaching services as assigned to residents and in the community at their workplaces.  Responsible for working in the on-campus vocational services as needed and assigned by Supervisor.

Job Specific Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrates knowledge on how to complete and document a job analysis.
  • Oversees residents in one of the Vocational Services’ service line(s) – Print Shop, Craft Shops, Horticulture, Car Wash, etc.
  • Demonstrates the understanding of client’s functional limitations and how to offer compensatory strategies to maintain employment regardless.
  • Understands the demands of the employer and can adequately explain those to the patient.
  • Demonstrates basic understanding of city, state and federal laws regarding the right to work.
  • Demonstrates basic knowledge about what Equal Employment Opportunity Commission stands for and how they operate.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of how to job coach regarding cueing, maintaining boundaries and fading when appropriate.
  • Demonstrates basic knowledge of techniques utilized to modify behavior in a positive way.
  • Demonstrates ability to use tact, patience and courtesy with clients and community employers at all times.
  • Demonstrates ability to perform basic functions on Word and Excel including the preparation of reports and spreadsheets as needed.
  • Demonstrates the ability to lead group discussion on campus regarding various vocational topics, including, but not limited to workplace behaviors, interviewing skills, work ethics, etc.
  • Demonstrates ability to be able to solve problems independently as they arise in the work setting with satisfactory results.
  • Demonstrates ability to discuss with clients their interests vocationally and satisfactorily match a job to their tastes.
  • Ability to confer with the Community Re-entry Manager before job placement to ensure appropriate setting and agenda.
  • Develops relationships with local business owners and managers to build the resource bank to expand program capabilities.
  • Demonstrates ability to look at both physical site and demands of the job and break these items down and teach them to the patient in a way in which they understand what is required to be successful at the job at that location.
  • Demonstrates the ability to monitor the client’s job ability and provide feedback, both positive and/or negative, as warranted.
  • Work with the Vocational Rehabilitation staff members on how to restructure or modify job duties as needed.
  • Lead and organize community trips to job and/or training programs as appropriate.
  • Maintains various records, schedules and files for the purpose of documenting and/or providing reliable information.
  • Assists on-campus vocational staff as needed depending on caseload.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.



  • Minimum of high-school degree or equivalent.
  • Bilingual preferred but not required.


  • Preferably minimum of one (1) year experience in working with vocational retraining.
  • Preferably knowledge of or exposure to providing assistance to persons with neurological deficits or persons with disabilities in rehabilitation, acute care, community re-entry or other healthcare-related program.


  • Must be certified in CPR, First Aid and ABC 101.
  • Must have a valid Texas Driver’s License and good driving record
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Job Requirements