Dietary Aide - Nexus Children's Hospital - Houston, TX


Nexus Children’s Hospital has a career opportunity for you as a Dietary Aide!
Dietary Aide have a dynamic role in the recovery process from complex medical issues following an acquired or traumatic brain injury, acute illness, chronic disease, or any other life-altering event. As the leader in pediatric medical services and rehabilitation, Nexus Children’s Hospital treats children with primary medical issues who may also have secondary behavioral problems. Working with patients from infancy to age 21 who may have been unsuccessful in traditional rehabilitation environments. Nexus Children’s Hospital transitions all types of patients through the care they need, acting as the bridge between the acute hospital and home. At Nexus Children’s Hospital, you become part of our family as we’re mending minds.
Job Description:
The Dietary Aide is responsible for assisting with food preparation, maintaining adequate beverage supplies, assisting in the preparation and delivery of patient meals and room supplies, stocking kitchen necessities, operating the dish machine, and providing assistance to the cooks as required.
The Dietary Aide prepares food and maintains the work area in accordance with all sanitary and safety regulations. The Dietary Aide assists the cook with serving food that is palatable and appealing in appearance and that adheres to food preferences in accordance with physician orders.
This is an exciting opportunity to work in an environment that puts patient care first while also having the opportunity to grow, learn, and advance in your career.
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Job Requirements


  • Must have prior experience in food service and basic knowledge of food service sanitation.
  • Culinary and/or food service in a healthcare facility: 6 months -1 year experience (Preferred)

Education Required

  • High School Diploma or equivalent preferred