Nexus Neurorecovery Center

Neuropsychiatry Services

When surveyed on the top burdens experienced after an acquired or traumatic brain injury, families consistently stated their loved one’s memory and behavior. While many programs don’t understand the underlying neurological impairments associated with these challenges, Nexus Neurorecovery Center bridges the gap in care – treating the body and the mind.

Reviewing and modifying all medications and specific behavioral interventions, Nexus’ neuropsychiatry services combine both neurology and psychiatry. As the foundation of our services, our healthcare professionals – including our founder and medical leadership – possess this special, blended medical background to provide excellent neurobehavioral rehabilitation.

To ensure your family member has limited handicaps going forward, our medical team designs comprehensive treatment plans that include compensatory strategies. In the prosthetic environment our Neurorecovery Center creates, resident learn how to negotiate the world in a safe, compassionate place. Instead of going home and being tempted and overwhelmed.

Journey Toward Independence

Nexus' NeuroContinuum sequence provides a range of care for those recovering from acquired or traumatic brain injuries and other complicated illnesses or diseases.
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Reap the Benefits of Comprehensive Care

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