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Long-term care of a year or more is possible at any of the levels of care, both on and off-campus, within the continuum. We concentrate on maintaining our residents’ health and functioning level so that they can enjoy the greatest quality of life possible.  Residents engage in their daily routines with as much independence as possible.  Staff members provide stability and assistance as necessary in this environment. The Somerset Program has the capacity to serve 16 residents and is designed to assist individuals with severe functional, behavioral, and cognitive limitations requiring long-term or life care. This program is designed to provide a stable, structured and safe environment. Residents are supervised 24 hours a day and are actively involved in daily activities that are tailored to their unique needs. Preserving a positive self-image and self-worth are key objectives of Somerset programming. The goals of the Somerset Program are to promote quality of life and to maintain the highest level of neuromedical and behavioral stability while preventing re-injury or recidivism.