Registered Nurse - Special Procedures - Nexus Specialty Hospital - PRN


  • Develope process for receiving procedure orders
  • Education of staff re: procedure process
  • Development of Moderate Sedation study guide, post test and competency check –off and ensure test and competency is up to date on annual basis
  • Training and evaluation of staff competency in moderate sedation
  • Maintain PICC certification and proficiency
  • Maintain continuing education in IV therapy, vascular access, PICC placement with ultrasound guidance
  • Evaluate, correct or write Policy and Procedure for specialty procedures
  • Universal Procedural Protocol with Time Out for each procedure
  • Conscious Sedation: pre-procedure assessment, sedation, recovery
  • Endoscopy tech: EGD /PEG, Bronchoscopy,Colonoscopy, EGD/ DIAGNOSTIC, EGD/ BIOPSY, pre-procedure set-up, post-procedure processing and storage of all scopes and equipment.
  • Assist with all endoscopy procedures
  • Set-up and assist with Interventional Radiology Procedures
  • Collaborates with other department to ensure cleaniness of treatment room
  • Responsible to stock supplies in treatment room
  • Cleans scopes cabinet weekly and as needed
  • Outpatient Baclofen Pump: analyze, refill and maintain, schedule follow-up appointments, contact physician for orders post refill- maintain outpatient chart/documentation. Submit order to pharmacy and outpatient clinic.
  • Inpatient Baclofen Pump refill and Maintainace: interrogate pump and determine date to be refilled, submit order to pharmacy, perform refill when needed. Make dose changes when ordered by physician.
  • Patient evaluation for PICC or other central vascular access within 3 days of admission.
  • Place PICC lines using ultrasound guidance, chest x-ray for confirmation, orders to use once placement verified by chest x-ray
  • Post PICC placement follow-up.
  • Assist nursing staff with difficult IV insertions
  • Assist with central line troubleshooting and declotting
  • Clinical orientation and Skills Fair;  class / IV Therapy & Special Procedures education.
  • Continuing education of nursing staff re: IV Therapy; central line care, maintenance, infection prevention
  • Equipment and supply procurement, evaluation of equipment and supplies, implementation of changes as needed
  • Perfom weekly central line bundle audits
  • Develops/participates in Performance Improvement Activities
  • Perform blood transfusion documentation audits

Other Duties: Performs other duties as assigned.

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Job Requirements


  • Preferred minimum of at least one (1) year of experience in the acute/post-acute hospital setting
  • PICC Insertion Experience Preferred


  • Maintain current licensure as a Registered Nurse in the State in which performing duties
  • Certified in BLS/ACLS
  • Attend Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) training annually as required by the facility
  • PICC Certification Preferred

Education Required

  • Licensed Registered Nurse in the State in which performing duties.