Plant Operations Supervisor - HealthBridge Children's Hospital - Houston, TX

Job Information

  • Demonstrates knowledge of Building Codes.
  • Maintains inventory of hospital owned medical equipment and is responsible for coordinating and obtaining repairs when needed.
  • Follows a preventive maintenance schedule which includes periodic inspecting of building, grounds, utility systems, and department equipment, to ensure good working order at all times.
  • Works pro-actively to perform routine maintenance and repairs on plumbing, electrical, mechanical, etc. as directed and in accordance with established procedures.
  • Documents findings from inspections on Maintenance Log Cards.
  • Schedules and coordinates the repair or replacement of equipment, building, grounds or utility systems.
  • Performs or coordinates unscheduled maintenance tasks when he deems necessary according to regulations.
  • Maintains facility in good repair to ensure a safe environment.
  • Reports all unsafe/hazardous conditions, defective equipment, etc. to the safety supervisor immediately.
  • Leads Safety Committee and EOC Committee.
  • Ensures that contractor bids and/or quotes are completed and received in a timely manner.
  • Leads the hospital Safety Committee ensuring that safety issues are addressed and resolved during monthly meetings.
  • Develops and provides training to the hospital staff regarding its safety program.
  • Follows up with appropriate staff whenever a safety hazard is reported.
  • Is accessible 24/7 to hospital Administrator unless other arrangements have been made and communicated to the appropriate staff.
  • Responsible for selection of candidates for available positions in Plant Operations.  Plant Operations staff consists of Housekeeping, Engineering and Maintenance department staff.
  • Makes suggestions for the revision of systems & routines which result in improved operation of the department.
  • Assists  Administrator/ CEO in the development of a fiscally sound department budget. 
  • Provides input into the development & implementation of Plant Operations related hospital projects.


Houston, TX

Job Requirements


• Minimum of five years related building maintenance experience with emphasis on maintenance, repair and semi-skilled craftsman of various building trades, including plumbing, electrical and painting.

Education Required

• Minimum of High School graduate and/or equivalent