Job Information

  1. Responds to telephone calls, working those that are routine in nature or routing the appropriate staff member as calls occur.
  2. Pulls daily Remittance Advices from banks as well as lockbox information for cash reconciliation purposes.
  3. Log on to payer sites to pull EOB’s not provided online at the bank.
  4. Contact customer service at banks to assist in identifying missing remittance advice to post payments.
  5. Post payments received from remittance advice pulled from the banks.
  6. Confirm payments are posted to the appropriate interim claims as identified on the EOB’s.
  7. Run payment logs and confirm payments posted balance to the daily deposit on the cash log.
  8. Maintains a daily excel file cash log reconciling daily deposits by bank account and by facility.  Submits reconciled monthly log to Revenue Cycle Leadership for month end close routines.
  9. Research discrepancies and reconcile daily. Confirm payments in “Needs Dispersed” column on the payment log are addressed daily and/or prior to end of month.
  10. Appropriately determines and posts unidentified cash to the Unidentified GL and reviews/reconciles/resolves accordingly on a monthly basis.
  11. Upon completion of the daily cash posting routines, each payment will then be reviewed and validated against the payment terms associated with that payer source for accuracy.  Any payment contract rate variance will be identified and documented in a canned text template per interim claim on the patient account.
  12. Prorates balances to the proper payer source bucket on the patient account upon completion of the payment validation process.
  13. Submits initial payer appeals for any determined underpaid contracted/negotiated rates or rates underpaid based upon the associated fee schedules such as DRG calculations for government payer sources.
  14. Identifies and posts the proper contractual adjustment per interim claim upon payment receipt based upon the associated reimbursement terms for the payer source. 
  15. Identifies any overpayments/true credit balances and moves the overpaid amount to Refunds Payable GL accordingly.  Submits the refunds request form with all supporting documentation to the Manager of CBO.
  16. Identifies final denials that are to be submitted for write off in the EOB validation process and submits the adjustment forms with supporting documentation to the Manager of CBO.
  17. Copy correspondence to distribute to the collectors. Identify those that have a balance or credit to be resolved so they can be worked as a priority.
  18. Scan daily payment batches and correspondence to the patient account(s) in the Meditech application.
  19. File original copies by date. Move the prior month’s batch to file and store.
  20. Work with the external collection agency to post payments collected on bad debt accounts.
  21. Resolve credit balances monthly. If credits are self-pay, prepare refund request and forward for review, signature and accounts payable to process refund check to patient.
  22. Pull paid accounts monthly from patient files to box and store. Confirm the file is complete and in order before boxing in the event the file is reviewed during any audit processes.
  23. Identify any internal/external changes, processes, procedures, etc. that may create reimbursement issues.
  24. Assists other CBO employees as necessary.


Houston, TX

Job Requirements


• Minimum of three (3) years of experience in hospital business office setting; or at least one (1) year of experience in medical billing/collection field and cash posting/cash reconciliation functions.
• Meditech applications software experience preferred or applicable experience in working with electronic patient accounting applications.
• Strong Microsoft Office Skills required

Education Required

• High school diploma is required with associate college degree level or above preferred.