Rehabilitation Technician - Touchstone Neurorecovery Center

Job Information

  • Demonstrates knowledge of classroom management and ensures that residents participate appropriately in group setting.
  • Demonstrates ability to oversee lessons, activities and exams, ensuring that appropriate curriculum is facilitated to residents.
  • Demonstrates the ability to monitor the client’s behaviors; appropriate social and work boundaries, job skills and abilities and provide both positive and/or negative feedback. 
  • Demonstrates basic knowledge of techniques utilized to modify behavior in a positive way. 
  • Demonstrates understanding of client’s functional limitations and knowledge of compensatory strategies.
  • May be assigned job coaching duties; Trains the client on his/her assigned job duties, providing supervision and assistance until the client can perform tasks independently. 
  • Demonstrates ability to use tact, patience and courtesy with clients and community employers at all times.
  • Must be knowledgeable about appropriate workplace behaviors, interviewing skills, work ethics and etc.
  • Lead and organize community trips following company procedure to facilitate client / resident training and knowledge as appropriate.
  • Must be able to complete reports and maintains various records, schedules and files for the purpose of documenting and/or providing reliable information.  
  • Demonstrates ability to perform basic functions on Word and Excel.
  • ADL’s Assistance: Assists residents in performing and completing ADLs as needed.
  • Initiates assignments without hesitation and when completed seeks out additional job duties.


Job Requirements


 Prefer 12 months experience working in a rehabilitation setting.


1. Must be certified in CPR, PMAB and First Aid.
2. Must pass a criminal background test on an annual basis.

Education Required

 Minimum of H.S. degree or equivalent.