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Group and individual counseling

At Touchstone we meet the patient where they are. That means we know recovery is a journey and we start with each individual at the level of treatment that they need. Part of this treatment includes individual and group counseling to engage our patients and focus on key issues-both those that were present before and since the accident or illness-, as well as development and implementation of behavioral plans. Traditional counseling techniques may be modified to incorporate reduced abstract thinking and insight, as well as problems with short-term memory.

Counseling to address drug, substance or alcohol abuse: Residents may have substance abuse problems in addition to their brain injuries, but may not be cognitively able to benefit from traditional substance abuse programs. We have modified these therapies as well to allow a person to begin counseling for substance abuse while still in the cognitive rehabilitation process. When rehabilitation at Touchstone is complete, referrals to appropriate facilities are made as needed

 Post-traumatic stress disorder therapies and discussion: When needed, evidence-based approaches to treating PTSD are provided by licensed Neuropsychologists and Counselors