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 The Touchstone Community-Based Living Program operates in two locations.

Janus House is a 10-bed family home located a short distance from the main campus in a lovely Conroe subdivision where residents continue to engage in higher-level activities in a real world setting.  These residents often pursue college coursework, volunteerism, and community vocational opportunities as they begin their return to more independent living.

Our Apartment Program consists of several apartments in Conroe that provide residents with the opportunity to live on their own with minimal staff support.  Residents maintain community-based vocational opportunities or schooling and can drive and maintain their personal vehicle on-site.

Both sites are located close to Touchstone’s main campus, and both reflect a residential setting with private or semi-private rooms.  All apartment program housing provides private rooms.  Residents in the program are individuals looking to improve their advanced personal skills and maximum independence in the community.  Treatment time depends on each individual’s progress and care may extend anywhere from 14 days to life care depending on the person’s goals.  Each resident participates in an individualized schedule of counseling or therapies, educational sessions, and activities to help realize their full rehabilitation potential.