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Nexus Health Systems


Patient-centered with a family focus


Nexus Health Systems has been helping people from all over the country since 1992. We work with patients who need long term specialty care as they transition from the acute care hospital and begin their journey toward recovery. All of our facilities are led by caring teams of physicians and staff who are patient-centered and family-focused.

Our interdisciplinary approach to treatment is led by a select group of dedicated physicians who are committed to providing quality care. The staff from each facility works closely with our physicians to ensure that every patient gets the most personalized, compassionate and effective care possible.


Individualized and unique treatment plans


Every patient has a unique treatment plan that is designed specifically to help meet individual goals and obtain the highest quality of life possible.


Our staff provides on-going communication and education to patients and their families throughout their stay.  We believe that the family is an important part of the treatment plan as well as the healing process, and encourage family participation as much as possible.


Specialty care with compassion and respect


We provide four distinct types of specialty care through:

If you are a patient or a family member who is in need of specialty care, then we invite you to use this website to learn more about us and review each of our facilities. We hope that we have effectively communicated information that you find helpful.

Nexus Health Systems strives to care for each of our patients with dignity, respect and compassion as we help them on the road to recovery.


2012 HealthBridge Houston
Quality Report

2012 HealthBridge Orange
Quality Report

2012 Nexus Specialty
Quality Report

2012 Touchstone Neuro
Quality Report


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August 10, 2012

Mindstorms: The complete guide for families living with traumatic brain injury, authored by John W. Cassidy, M.D.








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